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 The Casama Group is an Australian Packaging Covenant Signatory

What is the APC?

"The Covenant is a voluntary initiative by Government and industry to reduce the environmental impacts of packaging. It is designed to minimise the environmental impacts arising from the disposal of used packaging, conserve resources through better design and production processes and facilitate the re-use and recycling of used packaging materials.

The Covenant establishes a framework for the effective life cycle management of consumer packaging that will be delivered through a collaborative approach.

Companies, government agencies and industry associations sign the Covenant and commit to certain responsibilities which contribute to achieving the Covenant Performance Goals and KPI's. Anyone involved in the packaging supply chain is invited to sign the Covenant.

All signatories to the Covenant recognise that a co-operative approach between industry and all spheres of government is essential to achieving national consistency in the lifecycle management of packaging and the implementation of sustainable kerbside collection systems."

Find out more about the Australian Packaging Covenant

"The Covenant establishes a framework for the effective life cycle management of consumer packaging."

The Casama Group is Committed

We recognise that our business has an effect on the environment and have made commitments to sustainable development, environmental conservation and prevention of pollution.

We endeavour to achieve the following:

  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation and codes of practice in Australia.
  • Conserve natural resources by initiating better management of energy and water usage and waste production, ensuring our waste to landfill is reduced and our recycled matter is increased.
  • Provide training and create an environment that encourages sustainability enabling our employees to work in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Engage our principals and stakeholders in our environmental initiatives.
  • Measure our environmental performance on a regular basis and continue to improve our environmental standards.
  • Encourage our principals to optimise packaging to achieve resource efficiency and reduce environmental impact without compromising the product safety by using the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines. [link to: "Applying the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines"]
  • Work in Association with our suppliers and contractors to develop a green supply chain for all goods and services provided, including paper sourced from sustainable forests, eco-friendly inks and sustainable waste management practitioners.
  • Preferentially select contract manufacturers and service providers who are able to demonstrate their environmental responsibility.
  • Design energy and resource efficiency in new warehouses and office buildings.
  • Communicate the policy and these objectives to our employees, principals, contractors, vendors, suppliers and the public to enhance the awareness from these groups to our commitment to responsible environmental management.

"We endeavour to measure out environmental performance on a regular basis and continue to improve our environmental standards."

The Casama Group's Environmental Achievements

The Casama Group has been an APC signatory since 2012. Since then we have made some significant achievements, including:

  • Adopting and implementing an Environmental Code of Practice.
  • Introduced paper and waste recycling at all sites.
  • Installed labels above all light switches reminding staff to switch off lights when exiting offices for extended periods of time.
  • Setting printer default settings to duplex to minimise paper use.
  • Formation of a 'green team' - a group of company personnel dedicated to assisting in auditing of current workplace practices, making recommendations for improvement and implementation of new sustainability practices.

"We've made small steps that lead to big achievements."

Applying the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines

The Sustainable Packaging Guidelines are a 'checklist' of sustainability considerations to keep in mind when designing and/or specifying packaging based on particular materials. These guidelines are used to assess packaging, separable components, production process and recyclability of product packaging. Casama acts as a distributor rather than producer, and so focuses it's efforts on educating principals and providing them with information on SPG to help them in their dealings with suppliers, so all parties gain a clear understanding of the requirements of the APC. In 2012, a Sustainability Co-ordinator was appointed to assist in auditing our group practices, communicating policies to our principals and to encourage them to apply the SPG across their brands.

Schedule for review

Because of the large number of brands and SKU's within the Casama Group portfolios, we have established an annual review structure based on product type rather than brand. This will enable us to assist out principals in thorough and efficient solution based packaging analysis specific to product type, and in doing so, make recommendations to principals to improve packaging efficiency and sustainability wherever possible.

Packaging Review Template

This template covers all areas of the guidelines, which consists of all the key questions of the SPG. The template will be sent to all principals as a guide to help in documentation, decision-making, data collection and information for each brand SKU.

Engaging with suppliers

To the best of our endeavours, Casama will encourage principals to review and complete the packaging review template in conjunction with their suppliers to ensure all questions are checked and answered as accurately as possible.

Casama encourages all principals to ensure recycling and responsible rubbish disposal logos are included on applicable packaging.

Improvement and future action

The brand distributed by Casama are not owned by the group, therefore the need to communicate and educate our principals and their suppliers is paramount.

The SPG template will assist us, our principals and their suppliers to identify areas where improved packaging efficiencies and sustainability can be achieved. Additionally, it will serve to create increased awareness of the APC's requirements and benefits.

Casama will also encourage our principals to utilise the SPG template in reviewing their own company and procurement policies.

We will continue reviewing and improving the SPG table as we gain stronger understanding of the most effective utilisation.

We will endeavour to have all domestic brand packaging imprinted with a recycling logo and/or littering information to the consumer.

Further Information

For enquiries regarding Casama's Environmental and Sustainability Commitment or the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines, please contact our Sustainability Team.